Jess Webb

Jess Webb is a photographer and print maker based in Brisbane, Queensland. If not tending to her garden, she is taking photos or making prints in her leafy studio.

Jess uses analogue methods of printing and photography to document periods of time. She has always collected images. 

During her time at boarding school she would have pictures of home, her animals, cuttings from magazines, things she wanted and things she admired. There were rules which meant that they could not hang anything over their personal space or bed at school, so once she graduated and had her own space, she would cover her walls with cuttings and images. Over time these images and cuttings came down. She moved house, or made way for new things.

Jess can see the transitional periods of time in her life. Certain things that inspired her or she was drawn to in the past may have changed. 

These images document Jess’ transition from adolescence to adulthood.

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