Kevin Williams

Kevin is from the Murrawarri people of South-West Queensland, from Cunnamulla down to North-West of New South Wales Brewarrina.  He is the youngest of five siblings and raised in Cobar New South Wales. In 2014 Kevin started a Bachelor of Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art (C.A.I.A) focusing on a Major in Print Media. His artwork covers a wide range from painting, printing, and wool to lace work.

Within his own art practice, Kevin has created his own narative. Not having stories that are normally passed down the family line, Kevin wasn’t fully connected with the traditional land of his clan. However, this has not discouraged Kevin from creating his own unique style and stories from the place he grew up and what he has gained over his life from his grandparents, family, friends and where he is from.

Kevin’s work is full of passion, spirit and emotions. Inspiration is sometimes gathered from nature and sometimes from within.

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